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Website Design

Websites designed specific to customers who buy your products or use your services with the following:

  • Ability to expand as business grows.
  • Administration panel so that you or employee(s) can manage or change web data.
  • Secure Server Hosting with 99.9% up time.
  • Websites appropriate for all browsers
  • Websites designed from search engine perspective for higher search engine ranking
  • Clear Navigation and links
  • Pictures, images, and logos optimized for fast load pages
  • Goal oriented such as product sales, information requests, etc.
  • Easy to read site map
  • Keywords, Meta Tags, and Word Content appropriate to your business and search engine

Affordable, Results Driven Website Design in Idaho

At McDonald Web Services....Your Business Success is our only Goal!

The first phase of a quality web design is to determine who your target audience is, how to keep them on your website and how to get them to return.  McDonald Web Designs works closely with each client to determine the answers to these questions along with choosing the most appropriate keywords and keyword phrases.  This information is implemented in the web design's word content, page titles, and meta tags to ensure an organic search engine friendly website.

Imagine your website as a building on Main Street America.  A prospective customer would only need the yellow pages and a map or GPS to locate your business.  Conversely, to find your business on the internet, potential customers have only to type in your domain name or business name in the web browser and they are instantly at your business.  This is a good start accept it limits your potential customers to only those that actually know your business name.  The main purpose of a website is to increase and communicate with your customer base.

So how do you get more viewers to your website?

The simple answer is a Professional Web Design that includes a monthly Search Engine Optimization program and if budget allows Web Marketing.  Most website owners are still under the impression that "if they build a quality website, they will come!"  In order for "they (customers) to come", your website needs to be found.  With the billions of websites on the web today, I highly recommend that each business implements an ongoing schedule to continually optimize your website along with an effective marketing campaign to organically move up to the first and second page of the Search Engine Results Page. 

You built it, "they came", how do you get them to buy?

There are many variables as to why or why not your web page will get the results that you want.  These are the basics for success offered in every web page designed by McDonald Web Design which include:
  • Clean and easy to navigate website
  • Pictures optimized for fast loading pages
  • Secure website hosting
  • Web pages designed to produce results, Contact for more information and/or BUY
  • Variety of Sales Reports to track trends
  • Detailed Site Traffic Reports
  • Positive Company "Branding" followed by implementation of Social Networking
However, most businesses attract a certain type of customer who has different expectations.  To succeed as a business on the internet requires patience, responding to customer needs, studying the competition, adding fresh content to website on a regular basis, and implementing various marketing techniques both online and offline.

Our Main Goal is to Help Your Business Succeed on the Internet!

Located near Salmon, Idaho, McDonald Web Services offers website design, website re-design, e-commerce shopping cart web design, search engine optimization, web marketing services, and website hosting.  Your business needs are our number one objective; we listen to your business goals and research and produce keyword phrases beneficial to your business prior to producing a web design that will communicate effectively with your potential customers!

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